What we test for and how - stream health monitoring

EcoQuest trains young scientists via long-running research enquiries in the field. Thanks to their expertise and learning programme, we are biannually testing our Pūkorokoro waterways for important health and biodiveristy markers.

This will build up a picture of what is happening, help guide our approach to improving the vitality of our streams, and help us learn how to apply analysis methods to our other catchments.

The tests that we are currently able to complete biannually include the following:

  • Air temp (⁰C)

  • Water temp (⁰C)

  • Conductivity (μs/cm)

  • Nitrate (ppm)

  • Nitrite (ppm)

  • Phosphate (mg/L)

  • pH

  • Dissolved Oxygen

  • Water clarify

  • Flow velocity

  • Stream dimension

  • Bank vegetation

  • Macroinvertebrates

  • Periphyton

Contact us if you are in our catchment area and are keen to learn how to do these tests for your streams.

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